OEX Cable & Connectors

The comprehensive range of OEX cable and connections has been the preferred choice for automotive electrical specialists since 1997. Whether you’re connecting a battery to a starter motor, wiring up a trailer or just need to hold something together with as much electrical tape as possible, OEX has you covered.

OEX cable has an oxygen content of less than five parts per million, making it 99.9% oxygen free. Importantly, OEX cable uses smaller strands in greater numbers to increase surface area and cable flexibility, making it easier to use in automotive applications.

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OEX has been The Specialist’s Choice for aftermarket automotive parts for Australia and New Zealand’s leading automotive specialists since 1997. This is due to the high quality and reliability of products, available at an affordable price.

OEX has a variety of cable to suit every application with 1-7 core cable, battery cable, tinned for marine use, speaker cable and Suzi Coils within the range.

Different applications require unique connections, and the Specialist’s Choice has the right range for leading specialists. This range includes Anderson plugs and chassis clips, as well as multi-pin, Deutsch, Weather Pack and Superseal connectors.

If there’s one thing that holds together the auto electrical industry it tape and cable ties, and OEX has plenty. We’re also home to other workshop consumables including convoluted tubing, sleeving, solder and heat shrink.