OEX Fuses & Terminals

Covering a range of applications and electrical systems, OEX switches have been the switch of choice for automotive electrical specialists since 1997. Not only is the range hard wearing, each type has been built to suit a range of common system applications, with switches varying in voltage and amperage, as well as mounting options. This includes blade, screw, stud and pre-wired units.

Providing a range of options including normally closed (NC), normally open (NO), momentary (MOM) and change over (CO), OEX switches include missile covers, rubber boots, power window clusters, coloured illumination and locking brackets.

OEX insulated crimp terminals are double crimped which means that when installed correctly, the terminal also crimps over the insulation of the cable providing a better mechanical connection and greatly reduced risk of breakage.

QK style connectors commonly have 1/4″ (6.3mm) terminals and are used for cable connection applications with no excessive current requirements. Also known as QC connectors, ACX2692BL, ACX2693BL, ACX2694BL, ACX2696BL and ACX2697BL can be used in place of QK connectors.

QL style connectors have 3/8″ (9.8mm) terminals and are used in high current circuits. These connectors are commonly used for fusible link or power wire connections. ACX2724, ACX2725, ACX2726 and ACX2727 can be used in place of QK connectors.

Most junction boxes have an IP rating telling you what level of environmental resistance they have, namely against dust and water ingress. OEX junction boxes are IP56 rated with heavy duty junction boxes rated IP69K.