OEX Radiators

With a reputation built on quality and reliability, OEX is trusted by leading automotive thermal specialists to keep vehicles cool.

Some manufacturers of OEX radiators are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for major Japanese, American and European vehicles. Their continuous improvement policies, combined with the latest technology and state of the art manufacturing equipment allows them to manufacture radiators to:

  • SAE J1597 Pressure Cycle Durability
  • SAE J1598 Durability Under Vibration-Induced Loading
  • SAE J1995 Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop

Stringent quality control checks at every stage of production and comprehensive quality testing of all components ensure the highest performance in order to achieve the tightest defect tolerance possible.

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OEX radiators are built by quality controlled manufacturers, with preferred suppliers operating under ISO 9001. The range includes aluminium radiators, copper/brass radiators, cores, charge air coolers and assemblies.

OEX is built to last the toughest Australian conditions and its many vehicles. This includes passenger motor vehicles, light commercial and heavy duty industrial vehicles.

Stray current can be extremely damaging to automotive cooling systems if left undiagnosed, causing significant corrosion and damage to radiators, water pumps and engine blocks in as little as a few weeks.

The OEX Stray Current Tester (ACX100) makes checking for stray current easy and will help combat the effects of electrolysis, particularly in the lining of radiator tubes.

It’s one thing to have high quality radiators, but another to support you with a suite of spares and consumables. OEX also provides a range of coolant, fluids, radiator caps, clips, assemblies and o-rings for your next job.